What is a Thermal Receipt Printer

If you need receipts printed, did you realize that a thermal printer will do the trick? Printing receipts using a thermal printer is as easy as using a continuous paper roll. Talking generally, the width of the printout is 3 inches for a receipt-only printer. Any company that has to produce receipts for its clients needs a thermal receipt printer.

What is a Thermal Receipt Printer?

Thermal receipt printers eliminate the need for ink and ribbon by printing directly on thermal paper using heat. Customers get receipts from these printers after their purchases using point-of-sale (POS) systems. Their reduced total cost of ownership, improved print quality, and increased printing speed make them the superior choice over more conventional dot matrix receipt printers.


The basic idea behind a printer that uses thermal technology is to use heat to change the color of a transparent film from a light color (often paper) to a dark color (often black or blue). A chemical reaction in the film is caused by heating, which generates the picture. It is at this specific temperature that this chemical reaction takes place. This chemical reaction will be accelerated by high temperatures.


While this reflection takes place in a matter of microseconds at 200°C, it takes the film a very long time—perhaps years—to become black at temperatures below 60°C. To create matching images, the thermal printer warms the thermal paper selectively at a specific location.

thermal pos printer

Things to Consider When Selecting a Receipt Printer

Think about these things when you choose the printer that will work best for your company.

Effectiveness in Performance

Impact printers are slower, louder and bulkier than thermal printers, they are also less capable of printing when heated environments are involved. The thermal printer has fast printing speed, low sound and small size, and can work in any environment.

Software and Apps

Make sure your computer has enough available ports and that the printer you intend to buy has an interface that works with your system before you buy it. A USB port, parallel port, or RS-232 serial interface will be available on your machine. Although most receipt printers are general, you still need to make sure they work with your sort of point-of-sale system. Otherwise, they won't do you much good.

Sound and Noise Emission

You may want to consider using a thermal printer if you often print out receipts and card payment slips for customers. The output of these printers is lightning fast—up to twenty lines per second—in contrast to the ordinary impact printer's three lines per second. The noise level of thermal models is much lower than that of dot matrix models.

Price and Color Options

While shopping for printers, consider whether your company requires single- or multicolour printing, as well as the ability to print on one or both sides of the paper. Consideration of your financial resources is also essential. If your business cares about the environment, you may save a ton of money in the long run by switching to eco-friendly printers and receipt rolls.

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Any company that has to produce receipts for its clients should use a thermal receipt printer. Speed, connection, print quality, paper width/roll size, total cost of ownership, and other considerations should be considered when purchasing a thermal pos printer. This list showcases some of the top printers on the market, each with a unique set of capabilities to meet the demands of various businesses. Your company's productivity and the quality of service you provide your consumers might be enhanced with the correct printer.


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