How to Clean POS Printer?

Accumulation of dust, dirt, and even paper particles inside the printer may lead to issues such as paper jams or diminished print quality. In addition to shortening the printer's lifetime and increasing the likelihood of expensive repairs, these foreign particles hamper its overall performance. Thus, to save yourself trouble in the future, clean your thermal label printer regularly.

The next sections will provide information on how to clean your POS printer. You will also learn how to keep your thermal printer and printheads running smoothly for longer.

How to Clean a POS Printer

The cleaning method is comparable for both thermal printers since they utilize the same mechanism. If your machine has any specific instructions, be sure to read the handbook. A thermal printermay be cleaned using one of three typical methods.

● Regular use of isopropyl alcohol, widely recognized as the safest cleaning approach, can ensure that your printer continues to function properly.

● Although cleaning cards are useful for removing buildup from the rollers and the print head, they are not meant for regular cleaning because they carry a risk of harm.

● A print head cleaning pen can last about ten uses before needing to be replaced. They are effective and easy for fast clean-ups.

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Preparing To Clean The Printer

Take off any jewelry or watches that might damage the thermal pos printer head's fragile components. Here’s the process:

● First, switch off your printer.

● Raise the print head access door to open the thermal printer.  

● Give the printer a little dusting with a gentle blow.

● A lint-free cloth or swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol may gently but firmly run over the printer head many times.

● Let the printer-head to completely dry.

● Get back to your normal printing.

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Considerations For Cleaning a POS Printer

When you're cleaning, remember these points for better and long-lasting results:

● Never clean the printer or access the print head mechanism while printing.

● After a print job is finished, wait a while before cleaning the thermal printer. You risk scorching yourself since the printer's parts are going to be so hot. Wait until it has cooled down, which should take at least 15 minutes.

● Take out the printer's controls, and extra print media, such as barcode tags or labels.

● Before you clean your printer, turn it off and unplugged from the power source. The printer will be protected against harm, such as electric shocks or burns.

● Strong chemicals and cleansers, such as hydrogen peroxide, can damage the thermal print head and metal or plastic body of the printer.

● Use lint-free or static-free towels to prevent tracking fibers back into your home after cleaning.

● If you want to keep the printer's delicate electrical parts in good condition, you should avoid putting a damp towel inside.

● Keep your hands away from the print head at all costs; even a little touch might shatter the glass cover.  

● Avoid using excessive force while cleaning.

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Cleaning regularly will keep your POS printer running well for a long time and prevent damage from excessive print-head accumulation so that you can be confident of consistently high-quality output. Thermal printers are only one of several printers that ZYWELL offers to retailers.

Contact us immediately for additional information on how ZYWELL may enhance your company or update your printers.


Why should you clean your POS printer regularly?

Cleaning a POS printer regularly will keep it running well and add years to its life. Jams, incorrect prints, and eventual printer failure are all possible outcomes of dirt, dust, and debris building up within the printer's internal workings.


What tools are required to clean your POS printer?

Some isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth are all required.


Can I use nail polish remover for printhead cleaning?

Printheads are very sensitive and should never be cleaned with chemicals like nail polish remover. These chemicals might damage the resistors since they do not evaporate fast enough. It is recommended to use isopropyl alcohol at a concentration of 90% or more to clean the printer and its parts.


Is it safe to use water to clean my printer?

Water might be a safe option for regular printers, but it is not recommended for POS printers. When dealing with very difficult obstructions, rinsing the printhead with water might be an effective solution. First, turn off the printer and remove the printhead assembly.


Can POS printers self-clean?

While most printers have built-in self-cleaning features, cleaning the printhead twice or thrice using the 'Clean Printhead' option on the control panel is still recommended. You can clean the printhead after removing it with a gentle, lint-free cloth.

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