How to Use Thermal Receipt Printer

What is a Thermal Receipt Printer?

One kind of printer that prints on thermal paper is the thermal receipt printer. The printer transfers the picture or text onto the paper using heat. Compared to other printers, thermal printers provide far quicker and more efficient printing. A major advantage is that thermal paper can make prints without ink or toner. The size and longevity of thermal printer sheets vary from just a few months to many years.

Before setting up the thermal receipt printer, connect the printer to a device such as a computer/mobile phone.There is a distinction between the USB and Internet connection processes.

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How Does a Thermal Printer Work?

Direct Printing

Direct thermal printing does not need any ribbon, ink, or toner. On the other hand, the printhead presses down on heat-sensitive thermal paper with its heat and pressure. The thermal paper darkens when exposed to the printhead's heat, revealing the image or text below.


Since direct thermal printers do not need ink or toner, their maintenance costs are lower than those of other printer kinds. Nevertheless, as said before, thermal paper is very photosensitive, so your printed objects may fade with time. Because they were printed on thermal paper, outdated receipts tend to fade with time. Also, because the printing medium dictates the color, you can only print one hue at a time with this thermal printer type.

Thermal Transfer

In thermal transfer printing, the printhead applies ink onto the printing substrate by pressing a ribbon or ribbons coated with wax instead of directly printing onto the material, as in direct thermal printing. The printing medium is coated with the ink when the wax is melted, and the ink dries on the surface.


Prints from this thermal printer type are more durable and may be printed in various colors simultaneously (if your printer has multiple ribbons), which is a major benefit over direct thermal printers. Yet, long-term maintenance costs can be higher due to the ribbon's introduction and the fact that it has to be replaced. Even while these printers are nonetheless dependable and long-lasting, the increased number of moving components makes them significantly more likely to have operational troubles.

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Using A Thermal Receipt Printer

For your thermal pos printer to run, you will first have to make sure that you have one of the two connections depending on the type of your printer:

USB Connection

● Begin by powering on both your computer and thermal printer.

● Join your computer and printer using the USB wire.

● Give the computer a couple of minutes to automatically identify and install driver software for the printer.

● Your computer will recognize the printer as being ready for usage.

Internet Connection

● Link the printer and computer together using the internet port.

● Make sure both your computer and thermal printer are turned on.

● Go to your computer's printer settings and find the "add a printer" option.

● To install a wireless, Bluetooth, or network printer.

● After detecting the printer, the computer will install it automatically.

How to Load Thermal Receipt Paper Into Your Printer

After you've connected the printer, the next thing to do is load the thermal paper. Putting paper into a thermal receipt printer is as easy as this:

● Take the lid off the printer.

● Take out any older rolls of thermal paper, if any.

● Place the printer's paper roll into the new thermal paper roll. Place the edge of the paper toward the printer's paper exit.

● Release the connector from the paper roll and allow the printer to feed the paper.

● After you've loaded the paper appropriately, reinstall the lid.

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Any company worth its salt needs a thermal receipt printer. Once connected and installed, a thermal receipt printer is straightforward to use, and setting it up is a breeze. Your thermal printer can produce consistently high-quality prints with regular servicing and high-quality thermal paper for many years.

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