Thermal printers are now an indispensable and important partner in many industries, because the working principle of thermal printers is different from that of traditional inkjet printers, making it better than inkjet printers in some areas.


Thermal printers mainly print high-quality bills by heating the print head and using heat to contact special thermal paper. Therefore, thermal printers because of fast, convenient, reliable and easy to use advantages by retail, catering, large supermarkets, health care and other industries welcome.


However, thermal printers are not suitable for all printing tasks. For example, they are not suitable for printing on smooth or thick paper, because the working principle of thermal printers, unlike traditional inkjet printers, can only use special thermal paper. In addition, the effect of using different quality thermal paper printing is not the same, thermal paper printed receipts are easy to fade over time, this is because of the working principle of thermal printing, so it is not recommended for printing documents that need to be stored for a long time. (The effect of high-quality thermal paper printing, properly placed can ensure that it is still clear within 1 year, and the effect of using inferior thermal printing generally begins to become blurred around 6 months)

Thermal printers have another limitation, because the thermal printer works by heating the print head to generate heat in contact with the thermal paper to produce content, and can only print black and white, which means it can't print color photos like an inkjet printer. Therefore, thermal printers are not suitable for tasks that require printing in color.


Despite the above limitations, thermal printers are still popular in different industries such as retail, catering, large supermarkets, and healthcare, because thermal printers are an excellent choice for many printing tasks.

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